Perfect Art Prints Museum Quality Giclee Printing by Stan Bowman Fine Artist 607-277-4950



  • $25-50 per art work depending on size of the original. Any work 16x20 or less in size is $25. The client provides an original art work to create a high resolution digital image and receives a copies of the digital scans.
  • Individual PROOF prints on 8x10 sheets are available at no cost with a print order of the scanned work. Additional 8x10 proofs are available at $10 each.
  • Original works larger than 24"x30" can be photographed for $35-50 depending on the size of the original work. The client can receive a digital copy of the photographic image file if requested.


  • $2 per image scan for 35mm and 2-1/4 color and b/w films. The initial scan includes minor adjustments of color, contrast and density, and minor cleaning. The client will receive a high res digital copy of the photographic image file.
  • Negatives larger than 2-1/4 or larger are $4 per image.
  • More extensive removal of dust, spots and artifacts, and extended editing and enhancement of an image is an additional cost, at $15 per quarter hour.
  • For major restoration of images see PHOTO RESTORATION.


3. IMAGE EDITING in Photoshop.

  • $15 per quarter hour. This includes additional basic editing to enhance an image for printing requested by a client.
  • see PHOTO RESTORATION for more extensive image editing of older or damaged images.


  • INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTION, $45 per hour. Individual one-on-one, is available with Stan at his Ithaca studio. Phone or send a CONTACT message to arrange.
  • GROUP WORKSHOPS on various topics will be held from time to time at Stan's Ithaca studio. Costs will be:                                                                                     - One day Workshop (4 hours) $95.

         - Two day workshop (8 hours) $150.



Phone or send a CONTACT message to inquire. 607-277-4950


The web site will be built with Adobe MUSE which allows for a great variety of design styles. Once the site is completed the client will be able to make changes as needed to swap out and replace both text and images, although overall design is not alterable. Note this site is created with Muse.


Cost of web site design is $50 per hour. An estimate of cost will be provided at the beginning. The client will make an initial payment of 50% of the estimate before the work begins, and the remaining payment will be due at completion. The overall cost generally will depend on several factors such as:

  • Number of images to be included. This more than anything else will determine the overall cost.
  • Number of separate pages to be created. If there are Galleries or sections created (like Painting, Photographs, etc.) on separate pages this will add to the cost.
  • Special features like pop-ups or typeface or video (yes video can be included).

If you have any question you can phone me: 607-277-4950 (studio), 607-279-1314 (cell).


Perfect Art Prints Museum Quality Giclee Printing by Stan Bowman Fine Artist 607-277-4950
Perfect Art Prints Museum Quality Giclee Printing by Stan Bowman Fine Artist 607-277-4950