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Mounting your giclee prints in either metal or wood frames adds a great deal to their presentation. But have you looked at frame costs lately? Sticker shock?


At Perfect Art Prints we have created a different less expensive approach, PRINTING A FAUX FRAME ON CANVAS, done at the same time when printing the image. Then afterwards the print is stretched normally but stretched so that the frame is showing on the front as well as the side edge. The effect is so good that many who see these prints often don't even realize that the frame is printed and not an actual frame.


We have created an array of several different frame styles for you to choose from, both simple and ornate. See these below. Moreover we plan to add new ones to the collection in the near future.


With each printed frame there is also an optional treatment. A print can include a white surround suggesting a window matte as in

style 6, or it can be printed without the white surround as in styles 1 through 5. The frame depth can be either 3/4" or 1.5" (standard depth used for most stretched canvas paintings.).

Style 1

Style 2

Style 3

Style 4


or EMAIL for more sizes and prices


EMAIL for more specific sizes and prices

Perfect Art Prints Giclee Printing by Stan Bowman Artist
Perfect Art Prints Giclee Printing by Stan Bowman